Ethical Working

Organized Safest working atmospher for more than 100 employees and providing them with various benefits being certified and audited. Now we proudly say we provide them ethical working condition

Cutting, Sewing and Sorting

The fabric is cut into the desired shape and size, and then sewn together to form the basic shape of the bag

Finishing: This includes attaching handles, adding linings and any other final touches

Printing Area

We have 6 Automatic Printing Machine in House which is imported from Poland. Our Daily Capacity is around 30,000 pcs/day.

Printing: Depending on the design, the bags may be printed with logos, images or text.

Production, Packing and Despatch

After final inspection & garments folding, the garments are poly-packed dozen-wise, color wise, size ratio wise, bundled and packed in the carton. The carton is marked with important information in printed form which is seen from outside the carton easily. Specially, it is needed to ensure the placement of sticker in proper place.  After packing, it is placed inward cartons every bit per instructions too and so it is stored inward a shop subdivision earlier it is delivered to the respective buyer.