Drawstring Bag 15x20cm

Our Print Process Drawstring Bags 15 x 20cm used as a beach bag, craft creation, gift bag, eco-friendly bag, school book bag, or for any other purpose you can think of. It offers multi-functionality to suit your needs.

With a standard size of Drawstring Bags Size 15 x 20cm, with handle, comfortably can be placed in shoulder, the printable organic cotton bag offers enough space for the treasures found while strolling.

The long contrast handle, which can be easily carried. Carrying is supported by sturdy overlock and cross stitching, which makes the promotional bag particularly hard-wearing in addition to the high-quality organic cotton.

Colors Available

Our Drawstring Bag is available in all natural colours, white, black navy blue and colours of your choice. With this choice of colours, the printed motif always remains an eye-catcher.

The qualitative grammage of the GOTS-certified organic cotton of 140 g/m² ultimately ensures that the sustainable carrier bag as a whole is nicely tear-resistant, but not too thick or too heavy.

Size 15 x 20cm
Grammage 140 g/m²
Handles 70×2,  5 cm
Packing 250 pcs / carton