We manufacture your cloth bag

If you are looking for where to create wholesale cloth bags, you have found your bag suppliers. Ask us for a quote and work with us as your custom-made fabric bag factory. With us, you can customize and create your unique and original Cotton bag, Canvas Bag, Tote Bag or any other type of fabric product to store your products or make the most innovative and sustainable promotional gift.

We have several possibilities of fabrics for its making and finishes.

Advantages of designing your own custom fabric bags

Unique and unrepeatable fabric bags

The production of custom bags allows you a wide variety of options with which you can provide a solution to your most demanding clients and ensure that you will find exactly what you are looking for: custom fabric bags etc.

Merchandising with high visibility

With custom bag production, you can make the most of your brand image by printing it wherever and however you want. The possibilities are multiplied: bleed printing (to the edge or to the seam), printing on the gussets, printing on the base, off-center printing, printing on the edge, etc.

For a perfect finish of your fabric packaging, we have different types of printing such as textile screen printing or digital printing. We advise you to choose the printing system that best suits your design.

Quality finishes

Undoubtedly, the advantage that adds extra value to your advertising bags is their confection and finishing.

With custom fabric packaging production, you can also decide on the quality of its confection and finishing, thus designing a superior quality product.